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Okanagan Geothermal Ltd. is a leading mechanical plumbing company in Vernon, handling everything from spec homes to large custom homes and even commercial projects. Our acquired skill through years of service enables us to handle many different projects as well as the future service on mechanical systems.

Our team takes great pride in their work and uses top of the line materials and equipment to ensure longevity in all plumbing projects, for a hassle-free future. A service plan for your mechanical system will ensure the longevity of your system.

Send a request in today for a service to enhance the efficiency of your mechanical system and to put your mind at ease.

Sewer Systems

One of the areas that we specialize in, is HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipe fusion. The HDPE pipe is a flexible heat fused pipe that is mainly used for cold water distribution, sewer lines, and many other applications of fluid transfer. HDPE is very durable and has a manufacturers’ warranty of 50 years. The pipe fusion method melts the pipe together creating a joint that is stronger than the pipe itself and eliminates any need for mechanical joints.

Using HDPE pipe eliminates the possibility of pipe and joint failure allowing your distribution system to be trouble free. Pipe sizes are available from ½” to well over 60” making pipe fusion a very diversified method of piping.


Gas Fitting (Licensed Contractor #LGA0103398)

Our ticketed and experienced gas fitters can accomplish all your gas distribution and appliance installations. Gas systems can only be installed and repaired by certified gas personnel as gas can be very dangerous. Whether it’s propane or natural gas, we can handle it. Being certified in gas HDPE fusion pipe allows us to obtain no mechanical joints underground keeping everyone safer.
Gas Fitting

Well Pumps
Certified with Ministry of Environment for Well Pump Installation, Certified Grundfos Well Pump Dealer

Pump technology is advancing rapidly, becoming more efficient and obtaining greater levels of control. Let us worry about the changing technologies and save you operating costs. With new technologies, the large pressure tanks are eliminated, being replaced with small compact ones due to the variable speed drives on the new pumps. By going variable speed, you can get rid of pump short cycling thus extending the life of your pump.

We have installed submersible pumps from as small as 1 GPM to well pumps over 500 GPM. Eliminate water hammer and reduce pumping costs by installing a new variable speed pump.

Well Pumps
Well Pumps

Septic Systems

Septic systems are very unique to the present soil conditions. Let us install your engineered assisted design septic system.

With years in installing septic systems and having qualified plumbers, you are in great hands. If we are already onsite doing excavation, save mobilization costs for other excavation work.

Septic Systems
Septic Systems
Septic Systems


We install small to large scale commercial irrigation systems, using state of the art equipment and piping systems. Steering you to use HDPE piping for your irrigations system will eliminate all the headaches that are know to arise with the standard method of PVC piping.

With the durability and the manufacture 50-year guarantee with the high density piping your irrigation system will be hassle free.

Water Filtration

Experience clean, pure and fresh water straight from your tap. Allow us to test your water and determine if any filtration is required. By being a dealer of both Tekleen Self Cleaning Water Filters and Novo Water Conditioning Products we have access to their supports allowing us to design and supply you with a treatment system design for your water.



Mailing address: 195 Brickyard Road, Bay 11, Enderby BC V0E 1V2

+1 250-838-0809

Licensed Gas Fitter Contractor #LGA0103398

Licensed Electrical/Controls Contractor #LEL0016611