There are a large variety of heating and air conditioning systems available in today’s market; let us educate you in the different systems and help you choose and install the one that will provide the indoor climate you desire. Your heating and A/C system is one of the most important features of your home which many people overlook. Controlling your indoor climate to meet your needs will greatly increase your comfort level and make your home the place you’ll never want to leave.

Your expectations and goals for your heating and A/C system must be clearly laid out at the initial stages to ensure they are achievable and exceeded. Please contact us early in your design stages and let us assist you in creating your desired indoor climate in your home.

The three main methods for heating and air conditioning are hydronic, forced air and radiant.


Hydronic heating and chilling systems use water as a medium in a piping system to transfer heat energy from one source to another. Since water is approximately 784 times denser than air, hydronic pipes can be relatively small compared to forced air duct work, saving valuable space throughout your home.

The approximate difference in area for a water and air medium able to transfer the equivalent can be observed in this figure.

Hydronic heating systems offer the highest comfort level for heating your home or building. In-floor heating systems commonly use hydronic heat, which warms the floors and radiates the heat energy to the objects throughout the room, especially the people who are in contact with the floor. Hydronic systems are able to achieve the highest level of comfort control attained by the ability to have separate climate control for each room. The application for the use of hydronic heating and cooling are endless. Some common applications are: In-floor, domestic water, pools, hot tubs, wine rooms, water to air fan coils, snow melt, pool deck cooling, milk chilling, etc. The brands are cutting edge products and we are not limited to the listed brands.

Qualified field training, design & installation:

  • Gas Boiler
    Navien, Triangle Tube, Rennai, Viessmann
  • Electric Boiler
    Slant/Fin, Argo, Allied
  • Solar
    Viessmann (Evacuated tubes & Flat plate)
  • Geothermal
  • Chillers
  • Pool Heater

Forced Air

Majority of all homes use a forced air distribution system to heat, cool and condition the indoor space. Forced air applications may not be as versatile as hydronic systems; however the correct forced air distribution system can still meet all of your needs to correctly condition the space. With proper design forced air systems can achieve separate room climate control to the desired temperatures. We have extensive training and experience in the flowing forced air distribution systems. The Brands mentioned, in our opinion, are the cutting edge products. We are not limited to these.

Qualified field training, design & installation:

  • Forced air geothermal heating and cooling units
    ClimateMaster, Carrier
  • Gas Furnace
  • Air conditioners
    York, Carrier/Bryant
  • Heat Pumps
    York, Carrier/Bryant
  • Mini-splits
  • Electric Furnace
  • Roof Top Units

For other manufacturers, just ask.

Radiant / infrared

Infrared heaters heat the objects in the space but not the actual air in the space, just like how you feel the warmth of the sun on a cold clear day. Infrared heaters are great for heating on patios and large buildings where only the objects require heat and not the actual air.

Qualified field training, design & installation:

  • Infrared heaters