Forced Air

A forced-air heat pump delivers the highest efficiency ratings in the industry, reaching heating efficiencies of 510% (COP 5.1), and cooling efficiencies of 45 EER (equivalent to a 13.2 COP). Self-regulating, variable speed technology, allows the heat pump to operate at the most efficient speed for all weather conditions and building demands. It’s equipped with an electronic variable speed fan motor that controls system air flow to assure high operating efficiency and superior dehumidification. Higher end models are available with an internal flow center for circulating the loop solution, saving up to 80% of pumping costs.

Forced Air heat pumps can do all of your forced air heating and cooling requirements, accomplished by distributing the hot or air conditioned air throughout your building using conventional ductwork. The air distributed by the heat pump does not have the extreme high temperatures that a gas furnace has making for a very comfortable heating and cooling system. For a higher level of comfort the forced air system can be zoned to be able to control rooms individually with a single unit.


High Temperature Water-to-Water

The water to water high temperature heat pump provides high temperature output (140°F), with internal controls, and factory-installed options. It includes a special high temperature scroll compressor coupled with heat exchangers designed specifically for water heating, which results in unmatched efficiencies and performance.

The high temperature hydronic heat pump can achieve all your heating demands including 100% of your domestic hot water.

Medium Temperature Water to Water

Water to Water heat pumps offers high efficiency and capacity with advanced features, quiet operation and application flexibility at competitive prices. Water to water heat pumps have rated efficiencies of 310% (COP 3.1) in heating and a cooling efficiency of 16.4 EER (COP 4.8). Advance system designs with the water to water heat pumps have the capability of having higher efficiencies than the most advanced forced air heat pumps.

Water to water heat pumps can be used for every heating and cooling application as long as the design temperatures remain within 20°F to 140°F (-7°C to 60°C). The most common applications for the uses of water to water heat pumps are: Building heating and cooling through in-floor and fan coils, snow melt, pool heating, wine room cooling, domestic hot water, milk cooling, etc..

Applications for Geothermal

  • Heating and cooling for any building
  • Radiant In-Floor heating
  • Pool and hot tub heating
  • Cellar chilling
  • Wine rooms
  • Milk chilling for dairy operations
  • Chicken barn heating and cooling
  • Snow melt
  • Domestic water heating
  • Dehumidification
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Greenhouse heating and cooling
  • And many more applications